Historic Sheldon
Mountain House

Built in 1966, Historic Sheldon Mountain House is an icon in an eternal location. Don Sheldon had the vision to build a 212 square foot hut on his newly claimed 5 acre rock in the heart of Denali so adventurous travelers from around the world could experience what he knew was one of the most special places on earth.

With an outhouse, a wood stove and 4 padded sleeping berths, Sheldon Mountain House is a backcountry adventurer’s dream.

Roberta Sheldon was known to ask inquiring guests if they were “physically fit and mentally flexible” because she knew that’s what it took to fully enjoy the experience. Today we carry on that tradition and ask each inquiring guest for their backcountry glacier experience and expertise as no guides are provided. You are welcome to hire a guide during your stay. We partner with Alaska Mountaineering School in Talkeetna, Alaska and proffesional essay writers around the USA.

Transportation via ski plane from Talkeetna to the Don Sheldon Amphitheater is arranged by you through either Talkeetna Air Taxi or K2 Aviation. Upon landing on the glacier, supplies and gear are unloaded and you begin your adventure with a 1/3 mile trek up to the Sheldon Mountain House.

If you are interested in learning more about reserving the

Historic Sheldon Mountain House

please contact us and provide details of your backcountry glacier experience.